YKN Vibrating Screen

YKN Vibrating Screen is based on more than and 20 years of vibrating screen design experience, combined with the international advanced vibrating screen manufacturing technology, the development of high strength and high strength vibration sieve.

YKN vibrating screen with a series of N block eccentric vibrator, intermediate transmission connected by flexible connection, large amplitude vibration equipment is stable, significant vibration sieve by ability and screening efficiency, ensure the vibrating screen more reliable operation, longer life.

classic structure design, installation and operation is simple and convenient

YKN vibrating screen heritage of the classical structure of traditional vibration sieve design, the whole structure is simple, whether it is the initial installation of equipment or late equipment adjustment, replacement parts and other maintenance operations are simple and convenient.

perfect drive design, equipment running more smoothly

In actual use, we found that the traditional circular vibrating screen start and stop process will form a very strong vibration, which greatly affect the motor and belt life.

Therefore, in the design of YKN vibrating screen, we adopt the advanced triangle with flexible connection technology, so that the torque of the transmission without axial force transmission, so that the operation of the screen is more stable.

Unique vibration exciter design, exciting force greater and easier to adjust

The relative shaft eccentric vibrator vibrator, YKN vibration sieve used external eccentric block structure exciter stronger. At the same time, the design can also easily realize the vibration screen amplitude, frequency of the necessary adjustments to meet the different needs of the use of.

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