VSI Sand Making Machine

VSI series vertical shaft impact crusher commonly known as VSI sand making machine, is a German company to introduce the latest development of experts achievements, and combined with the improved design China mine conditions, is currently the most of the world's advanced level of the fourth generation high performance sand making equipment.

Advanced reliable dual pump oil supply lubrication system, Effectively solve the problem of bearing heating

VSI sand making machine with the German original oil lubrication station, using the double pump lubricating station can ensure no complementary oil; in the hydraulic oil flow, can realize automatic shutdown; and, as a result of oil cooling and heating device to ensure that the bearing lubrication is always in the best state, thereby enabling the bearing to keep constant temperature, completely solve the problem of bearing heating.

Automatic opening and cover of hydraulic device, To allow a person to complete the maintenance becomes possible

Considering the problems such as maintenance, replacement of sand making machine in the production process, we discard the traditional hoisting cover and manual Jack cover, introducing semi automatic hydraulic system, the operator only need to press the button to open the top cover, and the next step of operation.

The system can greatly reduce the labor intensity, which can save labor cost and improve the efficiency.

Combined design of rotor, low cost of replacement parts

VSI impact on the rotor hammer, impact block adopts modular design, when wearing parts can be replaced individually after the wear module, to avoid the traditional integral design of the material waste, and reduce the cost of replacement of wearing parts and investment.

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