TSW Vibrating Feeder

TSW vibrating feeder is the basis for mine industry development, we are engaged in the production and service experience in many years, combined with the company's existing feeding equipment technology, mine production line technology and foreign advanced technology in designing efficient feeding equipment.

Compared with the traditional feeding equipment, pre screening design of TSW vibrating feeder can greatly improve the production efficiency.

Using variable frequency motor,Operation easier, more stable operation

Vibrating screen with variable frequency motor drive, easy to control, start-up and regulation is more stable, accurate and uniform feeding, the feeding speed can achieve automatic feedback linkage and host feeding, ensure follow-up equipment capacity reaches the maximum efficiency; buffer design tensioning device, reduce equipment vibration and impact.

Optimized structure design, more compact, higher strength

The equipment has the advantages of compact structure, small installation size, feeding box main stress parts and panels of material upgrade, improve body wear, reduce the amount of maintenance. Bar with high manganese steel casting, the structure bearing capacity is stronger, longer life.

Optimization of the production line process, compared with the traditional process more efficient

Equipped with the feeding grate, for feeding material pre screening, can also according to the requirements of production process, adjust the feeding grate gap, optimize production line process, improve production efficiency.

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