Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is also known as Raymond grinding mill or Raymond grinder, which is a very common type equipment in mining industry. This efficient Raymond mill is based on extensive use of domestic and foreign advanced technology, combined with years of production experience.

Raymond mill with unique structural design, so that it occupies a smaller space, transportation, installation, operation and maintenance more convenient, use the electrical automation control, effectively reduce the failure rate of equipment, labor costs, while achieving high yield and efficient production, and achieve zero noise, zero pollution.

In addition, the grinding fineness of Raymond mill can be adjusted arbitrarily between 80-800 meshes. On the whole, Raymond mill is the best choice for non-metallic ore milling.

Structural Design of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill adopts vertical structure, so it has the characteristics of small footprint. The utility model is mainly composed of a host machine, an analytical machine, a pipeline device, a blower, a finished cyclone separator, a jaw crusher, a bucket elevator, an electromagnetic vibration feeder, an electric control motor and so on.

The host is composed of a machine frame, Raymond mill inlet volute, blade and grinding roller and grinding ring, shell and motor.

The above parts are made of high quality materials, exquisite production process, strict processing, improve the stability of the entire milling equipment.

Raymond Mill Four Unique Advantages

  1. Environmental Protection
    The production environment of the Raymond mill is sealed, so as to effectively eliminate the dust caused by the dust during the milling process. Thus to protect the environment, reduce the construction site personnel dust breathing, thereby reducing the physical damage to the construction workers.
  2. Low energy consumption
    The total power of the Raymond grinding mill equipment is only 160kW, the power consumption is not more than 1700 degrees per day, compared with the General Raymond wear power reduced by more than 20%, the total energy consumption decreased by 20%~30%.
  3. Low Cost
    The structure of the equipment is unique, the material selection is excellent, the failure rate is greatly reduced, saving a lot of maintenance costs for the enterprise, reducing the overall cost.
  4. High Efficiency
    The overall production efficiency of the Raymond mill is higher than that of other manufacturers, which improves the efficiency of 30%~40%, and improves the overall profit and benefit of the enterprise.

Raymond Mill Operation Principle

In the process of material crushing and grinding, the ore crushing ratio is greater than that of fine milling. In order to prevent the obstruction of the milling chamber, and to increase the discharge port to ensure the required particle size, we must increase the total discharge by increasing the diameter of the milling cone.

Raymond mill is a kind of vertical mill,equipped with stirring device. From the bottom of the machine material into the machine, the material is grinded, the qualified product is due to the density, and from the top of the overflow. Coarse particles remain in the mill to grind. At present, the largest foreign Raymond Mill installed power 1500HP, hundreds of tons per hour processing capacity.

Compared with ball mill, Raymond mill can save energy consumption 30% to 40%. Its drying ability, and equipped with automatic control system, it can achieve remote control, so simple operation. Equipped with roller and disc device, to prevent direct contact with the liner to avoid damaging impact and vibration. The device is sealed, the system operates at a negative pressure, so that the environment is clean and it meets the requirements of national environmental protection.

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