PF Impact Crusher

PF impact crusher use of impact energy crushing material. The rotor rotation speed under the driving of the motor, the impact from the hammer material feeding into the mouth of the rotor and the high-speed impact hammer is broken;

The crushed material and back to the lining was broken again; and finally from the discharge port.

Ratchet wheel turning device,Replacement parts and other maintenance operations more efficient

PF impact crusher is provided with two sets of ratchet flip device the same on both sides of the rack, which is composed of high strength of the left and right trapezoidal screw and ratchet reversing mechanism.

When the counter need to be shut down for maintenance and repair operation, the user can easily and smoothly through the device to open and close the back cover for maintenance operation.

Semi automated insurance design, effectively reduce the risk of overload and downtime maintenance time

PF impact crusher in after the shelves equipped with weight safety device. When the broken material (such as iron) into the crushing chamber, before and after the back shelf, non broken material discharged from the machine;

In the recovery of the crusher, the counter frame with the weight of the insurance device, automatically back to its normal position, thereby avoiding the risk of equipment overload and downtime caused by the loss.

Top mechanical adjustment device design, easy to achieve the size of the material adjustment

For different users at different stages of different market demand, our crusher is arranged on the top of the mechanical adjusting device in PF, the user can adjust the back frame and the rotor spacing by screwing the bolt device, and adjusting the size of the material.

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