PEW Jaw Crusher

PEW jaw crusher is commonly known as the European version jaw crusher, which is our company after traditional jaw crusher develope a new type crusher.

This crusher is the perfect combination of modern technology and production practice, more in line with the vast number of customers of the automated production needs.

Hydraulic wedge adjustment, high efficiency

The discharge opening adjustment more convenient, using semi automatic wedge adjusting device, two wedge blocks between the device driver to adjust the seat and a frame wall by the hydraulic pressure device, which leads to the relative movement, so as to realize the adjustment of the discharge port of the crusher.

Greatly reduced manual operation, compared with the traditional adjustment device, the device is more intelligent, convenient, and 2-3 minutes to complete the adjustment.

Integral cast steel process, not only look better also more reliable

For the core bearing parts of the bearing seat and the movable jaw crusher, we adopt high quality steel castings.

The process can not only ensure the crusher frame completely, with seamless docking, but also enhance the radial strength of components, the performance is more reliable, more durable.

Segmented jaw plate design,reduce maintenance costs

Through customer visits, our R & D team noted that due to the particularity of feeding mode and working principle of jaw crusher, jaw assembly lower than other parts wear faster, one type of jaw plate design significantly increased the cost of operation and maintenance.

In order to solve this problem, we adopt three section jaw plate design -- if jaw plate bottom wear is serious in large crusher, and the upper jaw plate can swap position, continue to use, cost savings.

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