MTW Trapezium Mill

The MTW Trapezium Mill is my company absorbed the latest European experts grinding technology and philosophy, in the long milling machine based on the research and development experience, a comprehensive 9518 mill using the customer's advice, the new mill through painstaking research and innovative design.

The machine is excellent to meet customer demand for 200-33 m (80-425Mesh) fine powder production.

Thin oil lubrication system, so that the transmission running more smoothly

The traditional form of mill lubricating grease, grease resistance, temperature and short service life of the bearing, the European version of MTW trapezium mill with internal pump, pump or without additional lubrication, lubrication can realize the spindle bearings and tapered gear shaft bearing

High efficiency cage type powder selecting machine, which can effectively prevent the running of the "coarse powder "

The MTW trapezium mill using high performance cage separator, the velocity field is relatively stable, powder of high precision, high efficiency of powder selection, cutting diameter; between the shell and the other cage rotor adopts pneumatic seal, can effectively eliminate the "coarse powder" phenomenon.

Without resistance to the wind inlet, more smooth tangential flow, better material flow

The inner surface of the inner door panel of the traditional grinding machine of the inlet of the air inlet of the inner door is projected outwards, and the inner surface of the air inlet of the air inlet is not in a plane, so the vortex effect is easy to generate, and the system energy consumption is increased.

The MTW trapezium mill with internal door surface and the air inlet volute surface on the same surface, so it can effectively avoid the eddy current effect, volume loss, material flow better.

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