MTM Medium Speed Trapezium Mill

MTM Medium Speed Trapezium Mill is our company based on years of development of industrial milling machine, the introduction of world-class industrial milling technology,the organization of technical experts and related engineering personnel through improve the development of the world's leading industrial mill .

Energy consumption is low 60%, the economic benefit is higher

From the block to the finished product powder independent from a production system, a one-time investment of less. Low energy consumption, under ideal conditions, the amount of energy consumption and new units through the feeding unit energy consumption were 1.02kWh/t and 1.48kWh/t, compared with the same level of milling required low power consumption, more than 60%.

Modular impeller design, more use

We use a modular impeller adjusting device is convenient, the gap size selection of leaf powder machine and the end of the shell can be simple and quick adjustment, and only need to replace the high density of the impeller, the user can produce different fineness of products, to meet the different needs of the market.

Wheel type energy saving fan, the wind efficiency is higher

The traditional mill generally equipped with straight blade type fan, the fan efficiency is only 62%; and we adopt efficient energy-saving fan impeller, the working efficiency can reach 85% or even higher, in the same production requirements, selecting better, lower power consumption.

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