LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill is our company with many years of experience in the production mill, with ordinary vertical mill as a basis, using the latest technology in Taiwan and Germany roller separator technology, new superfine grinding equipment with independent design.

A set of ultra-fine vertical mill grinding and classification, transportation in one, has become the preferred equipment for ultrafine powder industry.

Unique design grinding curve, finished product rate is higher, the quality is better

In order to avoid the long stay time of material in the traditional grinding process, and the problems of repeated grinding and high iron content, we specially designed the unique roller sleeve and lining plate grinding curve. The design is easy to form the material layer, a grinding to obtain high yield, not only greatly improve the mill work efficiency, whiteness and purity of finished products is also higher.

Long separator, without two grader, more energy-saving and more economical

We adopt PLC control system and long separator technology in the machine, the application of completely solve the "accurate cutting powder grain size and high precision fast switching of different production needs" two major problems, the user can work accurately control the grinding pressure, speed and other parameters of the equipment. Compared with the ordinary mill, the energy consumption of the machine is reduced by 30%-50%.

Can flip design, maintenance operation is more simple

In the process of the machine design, we fully consider the problem of the maintenance of the heavy mill roller, and finally the design of the reversible structure can be developed. The structure with the hydraulic adjustment system, the operator can easily and quickly be dug outside the shell roller for maintenance and replacement of roll sleeve, liner maintenance operation, reduce downtime loss.

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