HPT Cone Crusher

HPT multiple cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is in nearly thirty years of research crusher on the basis of experience, combined with the domestic and foreign advanced technology, the research and application of several generations of products, a new generation of highly efficient hydraulic cone crusher is introduced.

In the traditional multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher spindle, spindle rotating around fixed eccentric sleeve structure and laminated crushing on the basis of the principle of optimization, breakthrough of equipment structure of HPT series, significantly improves the equipment performance and crushing capacity. Supporting the design of hydraulic lubrication system to ensure reliable operation of the equipment at the same time, operation and control more intelligent and more humane.

Contact type spherical floating seal,Ensure that the lubricating oil is cleaner and the equipment is running more stable.

HPT cone crusher on the basis of positive pressure dust and U-T type seal to increase the contact type spherical floating seal, is more conducive to ensure the cleanliness of lubricating oil, reduce the risk of dust or other small particles into the crusher.

And all contact type floating sealing device for friction device can limit the moving cone rotation speed idling, increase the stability of the equipment.

Spring insurance,reduce the risk of death card

We adopt the patent technology of constant pressure spring safety device sebang industrial R & D in the back plate, when the non broken material (such as iron) into the crushing chamber, before and after the back shelf, non broken objects automatically discharged from the machine, counter plate is reset and the normal work, and eliminate the hidden death card machine.

Because the whole process is automated, greatly reducing the time of manual shutdown cleaning and maintenance, greatly enhance the production efficiency of the entire production line.

Hydraulic protection, automatic clearance, production safety

HPT cone crusher is equipped with a full automatic hydraulic system and the hydraulic cylinder oil line to take large capacity accumulator, the buffer performance is very good.

Therefore, when the opportunity to break iron and other non crushing material, it can respond quickly, automatically eliminate sundries function, safety and security equipment.

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