CI5X Impact Crusher

Integrated application of many latest scientific research achievements, for example, those concerning crushing chamber, rotor and adjusting device, based on the analysis of technical details and operating conditions of a good many domestic and foreign impact crushers makes CI5X impact crushers internationally most advanced in respect of crushing performance and easiness of operation and maintenance.

Great-rotation-inertia high-precision rotor

CI5X impact crushers have a heavy-duty, great-rotation-inertia, high-precision rotor that is machined using numerically-controlled machine tool and equipped with high-quality bearings that have great load ability and high rotation precision. Material breakage after full acceleration produces a greater reduction ratio.

Under a heavy load, the rotor exhibits great rotation inertia, more effectively crushing materials. The impact racks of automatic overload protection along with the rotor ensure the safe and stable operation of impact crusher.

Multi-functional fully-hydraulic operating system

CI5X impact crusher employ a multi-functional, fully-hydraulic operation system to accurately and rapidly adjust the clearance between impact rack and rotor to realize discharge grain size adjustment, saving both labor and time, and increasing machine utilization ratio.

The hydraulic cylinder of the operating and closing device can be directly operated by the hydraulic system, facilitating maintenance of hammer bars and impact blocks hence reducing production interruption time.

High-efficiency involute-shaped crushing chamber

The crushing chamber is a high-efficiency, involute-shaped crushing chamber designed with simulation software and verified through actual application. It can process materials of large grain size.

It can be used in the coarse and medium-fine crushing of medium-hard and soft rocks. Undergoing collision time after time in the crushing chamber, rocks break into high quality cubic aggregates satisfying production requirements.

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